# The Answer To Your Questions :)


Cloaking is always risky. All cloaking services work to manage the risk but can never truly eliminate it. You may be detected and you may lose an account. There is no way to predict when (or if) this will happen even if you follow best practices. Our IP/fingerprint servers maintain a database of over 33 million entries that we grow via automated scripts and manual traffic analysis -- but there is still risk. You need to know and accept this before you ever try any cloaking service.

## How does it work?

wpCloaker 1.99 is a little different than other cloaking services you may be familiar with. Here are the important concepts you need to understand:

- normal site: this is the domain and *website* where wpCloaker is installed.

- normal page: this is the page that spiders, bot, reviewers, and partners see. It is on your normal site.

- landing page: also known as the "money" page. This is the destination that regular human traffic is taken to. Typically this is a CPA or affiliate offer (or a tracking link to one) with a URL different than the normal site's domain.

The key here is the normal site. wpCloaker cloaks the normal site (or just some pages on the site). There is no concept of a "fake site" that is another domain/URL from where wpCloaker is installed.

## Do you support organic (SEO) traffic?


## Do you support paid traffic? Which networks?

Yes. Our servers have fingerprints and IPs for Facebook, Bing Ads, Adwords, and a number of PPV networks like 50onRed, etc. We work with our customers to add new ad networks of interest. Please contact us about whether we support the specific networks you are interested in if they aren't listed above.

## How do I cloak the entire site?

To cloak the entire normal site to a single landing page, set the "Default Landing Page" to the money page you want.

The "Cloak Traffic That Matches" field describes the detection method -- unless you are doing GeoIP identification you want to set this to "IP List". This *really means* "use the IP and fingerprint servers".

## How do a cloak a specific landing page URL?

The cloak a specific normal page you leave the "Default Landing Page" field blank and you add a rule to the "Custom Landing Page List".

For example, let's say the normal site is MYSITE.com and the normal page is MYSITE.com/lander...

You would create a rule that looks like:

lander -> http://CPAOFFER.com/?blah-blah

The rule says that when traffic comes to a URL that includes "lander" in the URL detect and cloak traffic to the given CPA/affiliate offer at CPAOFFER.com.

Because the rule matches the URL string you can use this mechanism to cloak all the pages within a folder in exactly the same way.

## How can I add support for tracking with p202, iMobiTrax, Voluum, or another tracker?

We recommend that the you set the landing page to the tracking link you create.

ANY parameters that you pass into the normal site are passed through to the landing page URL. So if you have parameters you use in setting up a paid traffic ad in the destination URL these are passed through to the tracking link.

For example, if you are cloaking Facebook traffic and Bing Ads traffic to the same normal site URL you can code the traffic source into the ad's destination URL. On Facebook your ad's destination URL might be:


where on Bing Ads it is:


## How can I cloak to a landing page that is one the same domain as the normal page.

Normally the money (landing) page is on another domain. But it doesn't have to be.

Add a rule to the "Do Not Cloak List" that contains a pattern to match for the landing page.

For example, let's say your landing page is MYSITE.COM/money-page... You would add the string:


(or even just 'money') into the Do Not Cloak List.

Now, traffic to the normal site that requests a page URL with 'money-page' in it will NOT be cloaked.

## Do you support GeoIP detection?

Yes, by country. There are two services supported out of the box. One is free and is configured as the default. Their claim is that the API will handle bursts for up to 2000 request/minute. After that they will throttle traffic. The other service requires an API key which is free. They have a larger service level agreement and you can configure them in the settings.php file.

Again, by default there is no additional setup needed for GeoIP location. You set the detection method ("Cloak Traffic That Matches") to either IP+GeoIP or to GeoIP.

There is a section in the control panel for the GeoIP list. In the list you specify the country code (2 letter) and the desired landing page. For example:

US -> http://yahoo.com

UK -> http://msn.co.uk

So US traffic is sent to Yahoo and UK traffic is sent to MSN.

By default, ALL pages are cloaked with GeoIP traffic. If you only want to cloak certain pages add a rule in the Custom Landing Pages List but do not supply a destination URL. For example:


This rule says cloak all normal site pages with "diet" in the URL to a landing page. If the detection is set to GeoIP or IP+GeoIP then the landing page will be determined from the GeoIP list.

There is also a special country code -- "XX" this matches everyone that is NOT in the list already. For example:

US -> http://yahoo.com

UK -> http://msn.co.uk

XX -> http://aol.com

US traffic goes to Yahoo, UK traffic to msn, and ALL OTHER traffic goes to AOL :)

If there is no 'XX' rule given then country traffic that does not match is not cloaked -- the normal page is shown.

## Do you support referrer detection?

Yes, there is a detection method ("Cloak Traffic That Matches") for referrer. There is a setting to match any part of the HTTP Referrer string. You do not need the entire string, just a matching pattern.

## How large and recent is your IP list?

As of October, 2015 the servers maintain an IP and fingerprint database of over 33 million entries. This grows via automated scripts and manual traffic analysis.

## What's a "fingerprint"?

A fingerprint is a pattern we have seen analyzing traffic to identify reviewers, partners, and bots. For example, a simple fingerprint might be a referrer pattern like 'goog'. More complex fingerprints would be traffic from Sweeden with no referrer seen within 2 minutes of activating an ad targeting US only traffic.

## Do you support mobile device detection?

Indirectly, yes. Directly, no.

Mobile detect is almost exclusively done with user agent detection which we support. You can include a user agent string as part of detection. This is not very useful though in some cases since user agent detection isn't as rule and list based as GeoIP. This is an area that we will enhance in the next major version.

## Can you cloak on mobile traffic vs. non-mobile?

Yes, by user agent.

## Can you add XYZ ad network?

Yes. We add networks via manual traffic analysis. Most smaller networks use the same general cloud hosts and datacenters that we already have coverage for so this typically is not a difficult process.

What we need is 1-3 days of clean traffic -- your raw apache traffic logs are good -- sent to a single landing page. Contact support to start the process.

## How much does it cost? How do I buy?

The normal price for wpCloaker version 1.99 is $297 but I can offer you a $200 off coupon code.


use code BHW06516 and press Enter

You will get the order button that makes the price $97.

This is a one-time price. The current version (1.99) does not charge a monthly fee for access to our servers.